Friday, November 12, 2004

Jill is pregnant! 
How's that for an opener?  Now you know why it has taken me so long to update the website.  I have been busy :)  I mean, this is no easy task in my situation.  It took a lot of flowers, candy, and being emotionally open.  [Just kidding!]  As of this week, Jill is 11 weeks pregnant and the baby is due June 2nd.  We are hoping for another beautiful, healthy baby.  We may not find out the sex, once again, just to drive some of our friends and family crazy!
Picking up from the update at the end of last year, let me start with what a joy Faith Anne has been to both Jill and myself.  She is pure happiness most of the time, and I feel like every moment with her is a slice of heaven.  I'm not going over board here.  The one thing I will say which is contrary to what I heard for many years is that when they're yours, and they scream and wine, it's different.  Wrong!  Fingernails and chalkboards come to mind, but that's a teeny price to pay.
Another little tidbit, is that I did submit the essay to the "In My Daughter's Eyes" contest.  A rep from the contest called to tell me that the essay had made it into the top 10 out of over 5,000 entries.  I was actually asked to clear my calendar for a couple of days because, "If the essay won, we were going to appear on the Today Show."  Exciting, right?  Well, another person won.  But, trust me, I watched her on the Today Show and she had my vote as well.  Nonetheless, it was very exciting around here for a few days.
Jill and I both still work out of the house.  We really like being here with Faith Anne day after day.  I'm already dreading her going to kindergarten in 3 years ... her first date ... and how I am going to cry like a baby dancing with her at her wedding. I'm pathetic : )
Here are some neat pictures of Faith Anne and the rest of us throughout 2004.  They speak for themselves.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.