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- - - -  Status Provided By Greg Businelle - - - -

Sunday, February 4, 2001
Hello everyone! Let me first apologize for the tardiness of this update. First, I have been waiting to have something exciting to tell you, and second, I guess I just procrastinated a little bit. I will work on the latter for the next update. Thanks to those of you that prayed for the urinary tract infection and potential hospital stay. As an update, the UTI kind of went away. I say "kind of" because the manner in which I manage my bladder will probably always produce a UTI of some sort. Just another thing I have to live with.

Therapy is still going well. This round will continue for another 5 weeks at which time we will take a break from TIRR's therapy and continue at home for a few months by ourselves. After that we will probably head back to TIRR for another round of therapy. You will remember that in my last update the big therapy news was that I stood up on a tilt table. I don't have anything that exciting to report this time. My biggest challenge has been trying to keep some of my fingers from permanently curling up on me. Something exciting that has happened is that I have been able to slightly move both of my index fingers and my middle finger on my right hand. They only move up, not down. I pray that they will start moving down since that would give me some function such as the ability to pick something up.

On January 4th, 5th and 6th, Jill and I attended the residency for this years UofH MBA program. I was in this program last year when the accident occurred. I obviously had to drop out since I couldn't write my papers while in a coma :) I contacted UofH around October and expressed my interest in attending this years program. To my delight and amazement UofH is allowing me to pick up where I left off, but they are also giving me a full ride scholarship. The residency was all about getting on a team with 5 other people with which I will spend the year doing team projects. Since the residency started each day at 7:00AM and ran until 8:00PM or 9:00PM each night, you can imagine how fatigued I was. I really had not sat up in my wheelchair for more than 6 hours on any given day; so, having to sit in it for 13 hours, just about did me in. Furthermore, I could have never of completed the residency without my sweet wife. She sat by my side every minute and helped me with writing and eating and even thinking, when necessary :) In case ya'll do not know this already, I have the greatest wife in the world and I love her very much.

We sold our Trooper to a close friend which leaves us with no car payments. This was made possible thanks to Dan who is always looking out for our best interest. Thank you Dan! Our bathroom remodel is just about done which means I will soon be able to take a shower everyday. It is a huge roll-in shower with 2 shower heads. It is going to be great! Sugar, our dog, is faithfully laying at our feet as we type this update. She has been a great comfort to me during my recovery waking me up each day with licks of love. Jill has moved her office downstairs giving me a direct link to her if I need her. This pretty much leaves our upstairs empty unless we have guests. My real goal was to get it ready for all of the kids we are going to have, right Jill?

Thanks to all of you that continue to read these updates. Jill and I thank the Lord for you and continue to wish His blessings on you and your families.

James 5:16 - "Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so God can heal you. When a believing person prays, great things happen."