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Tuesday, February 20, 2006

it may surprise you to know that I am the second born.  I say surprise you, because I cannot believe I have gone this long without updating the web site with new information about all our new beautiful baby boy.  Presley Dale Businelle was born June 11, 2005 and weighed 8 lbs. 15 oz.  Quite the little Hoss!  There are some pictures below you might enjoy.

Now he is almost 9 months old and is getting into everything.  He's been pulling up onto furniture and is actually able to stand freely on his own these days.  We are expecting him to start walking in the next month.  He has an extremely pleasant personality and smiles all of the time.  One of his other traits I want to be sure and document for posterity is that I have never seen a bigger momma's boy.  I have been reminded by my own mother that I was the same way, but even she says he is much worse than I ever was.  Jill and I had a trip planned up to College Station for a romantic.  overnight.  We were going to leave the kids here.  Once Presley caught wind of this, he promptly gave himself a cold, which forced us to extend him an invitation to accompany us on our trip.  idea of not being glued to Jill Smith makes them physically sick!  Oh well, at least he loves his mommy.

Faith Anne is growing up into a strong-willed little tiger.  Once again, my mom has reminded me that I was (am?) the same way.  I'm frantically praying that she grows up more like her sweet mother than her bullheaded father.  In the meantime, she has started preschool two days a week and loves it.  She turned three and February, but reminds me more of a five-year-old with that vocabulary of hers.  Here are some recent pictures to enjoy.