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Saturday, December 27, 2003

What a fantastic 6 months this has been!  Faith Anne will be 11 months very soon.  She has been the dream baby.  She sleeps about 10 hours a night with 2 naps during the day.  She has a pleasant disposition and smiles and laughs most of the time.  I hope you all get a chance to meet her in person.  She has been very healthy and is growing normally according to the doctor.  Thank the Lord!  [Click her for her first year pics; click here for her zoo outing, and here for Halloween]

Jill and I have been very busy as well.  Since we both work out of the house, it seems we are always in front of the computers.  It is way too easy to slide behind one and try to get a jump on tomorrow's work.  Jill is still working for Nielsen Media Research; she is in her 7th year now.  I continue to push Businelle Company as a internet and business technology consulting company.  I am busy; profitable is another matter :)  Most of my business has come from word of mouth so please do not hesitate to send someone my way.  

I ended up getting the bike that I have so desperately wanted for 2 years now.  I ride about 15 miles a week and have put 2 inches back on my legs.  I feel great.  I feel healthy.  Osteoporosis started to set in a few months ago, so I had to have the bike.  I am hoping to reverse my bone loss.  

We have saved the best for last.  God has performed nothing less than a miracle.  If you read back through just about any of these postings, you will see mention of a family riff.  Trust me when I say I never actually wrote about how bad it was.  What you saw was a watered down version of the reality.  Well, all of that has turned around.  Jill and my Mom have found peace in their relationship through the Lord.  We are seeing and spending quality time with my brother and his family.  The holidays have been wonderful with everyone showing love.  The way I see it, "Faith" had everything to do with it ... whether you call it Faith in the Lord or Faith Anne.  Thanks for all of your prayers on this and thanks to the Lord for giving wisdom to all involved.  

Please remember that hearing from you all really makes our day.  Knowing that you care for us and still follow our lives makes us feel blessed and loved.  We hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  Have a happy New Year and may God's will be on you and your families.  

[I am submitting the short essay below to a "In My Daughter's Eyes" contest.  You may enjoy reading it.  Greg.]

Through My Daughter’s Eyes

In early 2000, I thought I was “somebody “.

A beautiful wife, a big house, nice cars, thriving business, and… a ski boat.  I decided to go water-skiing one hot afternoon.  I don’t remember falling or the horror my loved ones went through pulling me unconscious from the water. I only remember waking up in the hospital 2 months later; paralyzed. I will never walk again nor sit up on my own or use my hands. I am Quadriplegic sentenced to a wheelchair for life. After 6 months in the hospital, my business was in ruins, my family torn apart, and my personal worth lost in the world of severe depression.  For those early months, and the 2 years that followed, I felt I had very little reason to live.

I was “nobody”.

And then…Faith Anne Businelle was born on February 3, 2003.  Her eyes are green and through them she sees wheels. Wheels for her to crawl on and ride; she doesn’t see them as my legs.  Through my daughter’s eyes, I spend my early mornings in bed to play with her; not because of medical reasons.  Through my daughter’s eyes, I work at home to be near her; not because transportation is a burden.  Through my daughter’s eyes, we play with a tiny, transparent toy cup not; a medicine cup to hold some 20+ daily pills.

There are those that look upon me with sympathy and perhaps even pity; some who I make feel better about their own lives. To these people I am crippled, paralyzed.  All I do is smile on the inside and outside because to my daughter, I am a super hero just the way I am; the only way she has ever known me.

I am finally somebody:   I am “Daddy”!


Greg Businelle