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- - - -  Status Provided By Jill Businelle - - - -

Tuesday, October 10, 2000
We cannot believe it, but we have actually been home a month. We also cannot believe that it has been that long since the last web update. We apologize to those who watch for updates faithfully.

Greg has continued with his rehabilitation. He has daily rehab with either a physical therapist or occupational therapist. Even though he continually says, "2 times no strength is still no strength", I see him getting stronger and stronger. The advancements are slow and sometimes small, but they are advancements.

We have learned the pain and frustration of dealing with medical professionals. Daily we are having to call doctors, insurance reps, equipment providers or supply providers. All of which do not seem to talk to each other. After 1 month of persistence, we finally got a hospital bed. Unfortunately, Greg still does not have a suitable wheelchair. We have rigged the current one with pillows to make it workable and have decided to keep it until he is ready to buy one. We are hoping to be ready within the next month. Hopefully, when buying a wheelchair, it will be easier.

We have learned one area of much need in our life. TIRR had taught us to do car transfers so that Greg can ride in our Oldsmobile Aurora. Even though the car is very comfortable for him, the transfers are hard on both of us and the car because the wheelchair has to go in the back seat. We have been adventurous and gone to dinner, the movies and shopping, but with the frustrations of the car transfers, we do not go out as much as we would like. We have located a minivan that is modified to allow easy access for wheelchairs and hope to be able to purchase it within the year.

Another area of need is in the financial side. With the hospital bills, equipment bills, medicine cost and supply cost, plus Greg not working, we are having to make some big decisions. Our prayers are continuously lifted for God to help us in this area. He, of course, has blessed us with wonderful friends that have come to assist us with generous donations and benefit functions. We would like to thank all of you for your generosity and a very special thanks to Denny, Kathy, Larry, Melissa and Melanie for the successful benefit garage sale they hosted.

Greg's attitude has stayed positive. I cannot say that all days are good, but most of the days are positive and full of hope. We do have some bad days, but God gives us the strength to get through. I have been so proud of Greg for not letting this ruin his days. One verse that we have really taken to heart and say everyday:

Luke 11:3 : "Give us each day our daily bread."

Tuesday, October 24
On October 14th, Alvin Golf and Country Club was generous enough to sponsor a benefit golf tournament for Greg.  It was an incredible success thanks to Melissa Hillhouse Marsh, Elsie Hillhouse, Scott Thomas, Judi and John McElveen (my wonderful parents), Tommy and Nan Self, Wanda Meyer, Greg and Angie Tatum, Laura Barnard and Patty and John Allen. They worked very hard and it showed!  Greg had supporters come in from all over to play golf, help out and just show their support. In all, about 74 players, 40 hole sponsors and lots of caring people helped raise $16,000 to help with medical expenses and equipment costs. To top it off, the never ending generosity of Wayne and Debra Berger matched the funds raised!  God blessed us so much with a beautiful day, funds to help with the incurred medical expenses and love and support from so many friends and family. It meant so much to Greg to see all those people come together. Keep an eye out on the website. We hope to have the pictures from the golf tournament posted real soon.

There are so many people that deserve special recognition for their generosity, but we have to give a special thanks to Potter Buron and Jim Watson for making sure the day went smoothly, Dawn Wood and Jeanna Uherek for making sure everyone had refreshments, and Joe and his grounds crew for making sure the course looked great!  And, to give them the credit they deserve, here are the top players of the day:

1st Place: 2nd Place: 3rd Place:
N.A. Keithley Holly Gord Don Meyer
Scott Keithley Andrew West Wanda Meyer
Mike Konzem Greg Kuchar Melissa Hillhouse Marsh
Mike Tepera Les Kilday Kelly Marsh
Andy Tepera Jim Block Scott Thomas
John Martinez Bill Thornton Dawn Thomas

One big lesson we learned, was that with every up there must come a down.   During our weekly doctor visit this past week, we learned that Greg has blood clots in both of his legs.  It first showed up with swelling in his right foot and calf.  The doctor was concerned and requested a venous Doppler ultrasound be performed on his leg.  The test found a significant blood clot in his right leg and a smaller blood clot in his left leg.   It is currently being treated with an anticoagulant to help prevent any additional clotting and lots of bed rest to help prevent any complications from the existing blood clots.  With time, the existing blood clots will breakdown and the swelling should go down.  The treatment can be effective, but it can have fatal consequences if complications occur before the medication takes effect.  This news brought Greg and I very far down, especially after the highs we experienced the weekend before with the golf tournament.  But, as always, our trust is in God and we pray daily for His will to be done.

Matthew 8:26 : "He replied, 'You of little faith, why are you so afraid?'  Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm."