July 5, 2003 the Green family got together at Granmommy and Poppy's to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.  We were also able to use the opportunity to have a shower to welcome Trip and Lareeca's little one which is expected in August.  Here are some memories to enjoy: 

65 years of happiness!
The Happy Couple!



Granmommy and Paris


Granmommy and Faith
Granmommy and Faith

Judi and Faith
Faith's Grandmother not willing to put her down


Judi and Faith
Someone is getting very spoiled :)

Faith and Paris finally old enough to play


Faith and Paris
Paris teaching Faith to wave

Faith ready for the party
Faith getting ready at the hotel room


Granmommy and Faith
Faith and Granmommy

Enjoying the fireworks
Watching the fireworks over Cedar Creek


Cedar Creek Friends
Faith got to meet some of her Cedar Creek friends

Judi and Johnny watching the fireworks

Me and Daddy watching my first 4th of July fireworks

Lareeca, Brigetta and Paris during the shower

Lareeca and Linda looking at all the goodies