Faith Anne Businelle 


Faith Anne's 2008 recital. She's on the far left.




Faith Anne's 2007 recital.  She's in the middle.



Faith Anne's 2006 recital. She's on the far right...chasing feathers!




smile1.jpg  (1.0 Mb)
Faith Smiling
  smile3.jpg  (1.1 Mb)
Faith looking older than she is
firstout5.JPG  (2.1 Mb)
Faith's first time out in the sun
  faithyellow6.JPG  (1.8 Mb)
Faith in Erma's afghan
bath3.jpg  (1.4 Mb)
Faith's first bath
  cordceremony4.jpg  (1.3 Mb)
Faith's cousins at her umbilical cord ceremony (don't ask)
lookalike.jpg  (1.3 Mb)
Looking like her daddy
  gregandfamily3.JPG  (1.9 Mb)
4 generations
0010.JPG  (412.7 Kb)
3 generations
  0012.JPG  (426.7 Kb)
Faith with her grandpa
marisandme.JPG  (1.7 Mb)
Faith and Maris
  naptime.jpg  (1.3 Mb)
Faith babysitting Maris
Tummy Time Mother's Day
Shelby and Me Chelsea and Me