My first visit to the zoo.  I got to go with Mommy, Daddy, Papa John, JuJu and my cousin Sherry.  

We started with lunch, then I was ready to go.

Our first stop was the seals.  What fun I had watching them swim around.  JuJu is helping me spot them.

OK, now where are we going!

Do we really have to stop for pictures?

I think I will look better with this hat off!

Now the fun starts.  We headed for the New Children's zoo.  What a great spot it is!

There was fun stuff to play with around every corner. 

They even had blocks just for me: Faith Anne!

Now this is fun!  I even got to go in the petting zoo and see some different animals. 

I am not real sure about this one.  

Now this one is better.  It looks more like my Sugar.  And he is more my size.

One the way out, we had to look for some big animals.  Here we are at the tigers!

And here is the whole group.  JuJu, me, Daddy, Sherry and Papa John.  What fun we are having!

As you can tell, I had a great time at the zoo!  Now it is time to go home.